Event Details
Date : Sunday 17 November 2019
Time : 2pm - 6pm
Location : 43 Derby St, Collingwood VIC
Tickets : $136.13 
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We will be joining 'Salve Events' & 'The Trailblazer Tribe' at their Sunday Soul Session to not only gift you a high vibin' Clear Quartz Crystal, but to lead you through an intention setting process and give you a little insight into how you can use the moon cycles to charge and program up your new HartRok!

Here's what you can expect...

Coaching. Connection. Community.

A few hours to retreat from the busy of our normal life, and really stop to think and fill our souls with goodness.

Good food, warming drinks, lightfilled glorious space in the heart of Melbourne.

Guided by one of Australia's top coaches, Sharon Pakir, the day will centre around a facilitated self-discovery process.

We will attain clarity on 2019's lessons, acknowledge its successes, and decide what to let go of.

Getting ready to welcome 2020 with newfound purpose and intention.

Bonus speakers, gift bags, and an all round beautiful experience curated by Elka Eidelman of Salve Events.

You will receive:
Custom workbooks, notebooks, stationery, grazing food, drinks, gifts, the company of the amazing humans who come along, and an experience you'll treasure.