Past Events

With experience presenting to both intimate gatherings and packed out rooms at various wellness events, Beckie & Jess love to share their knowledge, passion and high vibes with everyone!

Get Hi...On Your Own Supply
June, 2019
Kicking off the incredibly high vibing event, HartRoks presented at the Opening Ceremony after giving each guest a mini Health Rok. Guests were led through an intention setting process, eventuating in guests programming up their Clear Quartz Crystal with their intentions for the evening and future.

Evolve Event
June, 2019
Supporting the Evolve Event in their pursuit to end youth suicide, HartRoks joined a band of inspiring brands and speakers to help guests connect, reset and thrive!

SuperBloom Festival
April, 2019
Presenting on both days of the SuperBloom Festival, the HartRoks sessions were at full capacity with high vibin humans ready to learn about crystals, cleansing, charging and manifesting.

Lululemon Workshop
January 2019
In partnership with Lululemon Brighton, HartRoks hosted an 'Intro to Crystals' style workshop covering the basics of Crystals, how to use them and what to do to get them to help in the manifesting and healing journey.  

Intro To Crystals Workshops
October 2018 - May 2019
Following the sell out success of their first workshop session in October 2018, HartRoks carried on to present the workshop at a number of venues across Melbourne. With no further 'Intro To Crystals' workshops in the pipeline, the duo are working on some exciting replacement content to keep those good vibes flowin'!