HartRoks x Damselfly Candle


cleansed, charged & beautifully packaged

Our roks are carefully hand selected based on their colour, shape and energy. Due to our high standards, we have become known and trusted for gifting stunning Crystals with 'Hart' felt gift experiences.


A little about us

Who's Behind HartRoks?

The duo behind HartRoks are Melbourne based Yoga Teachers, Beckie & Jess. The two met when studying yoga in 2014 and have since collaborated as teachers and now, HartRokkin' business owners.
Together, they bring equal parts ‘Girl Boss’ with a hint of ‘modern day hippies’.
They’re down to Earth most of the time, but you’ll find them getting energetic highs when they are helping others be the best versions of themselves. Beckie & Jess are so passionate about bringing the ancient healing modality of crystals to the modern day world.

Crystals & Manifesting

They're Bringing the Good Vibes

Whether you catch the HartRoks duo at one of their intimate workshops or when they're presenting to hundreds of people, you can't help but be impacted by their enthusiastic energy and zest for helping humans 'Rok their Harts'!  Beckie & Jess love sharing their knowledge, passion and good vibes for all things crystals and manifesting.

With their modern and relatable take on the ancient healing modality along with their mindful manifesting techniques, Beckie and Jess are wedging open the door for 'the everyday person' to delve into crystals, moon cycles, energy healing, cleansing, charging and manifesting in order to become their most HartRokkin' self!